Customised serial production

IT-controlled production ensures high quality and operating efficiency through customised serial production.

Step-by-step process to a high-quality façade solution


 1.) Document
For building images, we generate 3D models from digital photos. These models depict components and component conditions in colour and are precise to the nearest millimetre. They are used to generate and analyse the wall surfaces. We provide this building documentation to building owners and architects to evaluate a building’s workmanship.

2.) Model
In the deformation analysis, we evaluate the flatness of the wall surfaces and the discrepancies regarding the straightness of wall edges and window embrasures. The 3D façade and joint pattern, including the façade modules, are generated based on this. Our calculation accuracy ensures that no further manipulation of the façades is necessary at the construction site.

3.) Production
The Industry 4.0 system is fed and controlled with modelled data. Quality control of the RFID chip-equipped façade modules is already integrated into the manufacturing process through automated measurements.

4.) Installation
Our patented rail system allows for simple and quick installation and, at the same time, helps prevent hazardous waste during uninstallation. Revisions or repairs can be easily carried out without a problem throughout the entire year.