The modular façade

The WINTERFACE façade solution consists of individual façade modules. They are produced in an automated, custom-fit and ready-to-use manner.

Its patented rail system allows for quick installation on the building. The drainage system with joint tapes seals the modules to one another in a weather-proof and heat-insulating manner. Different plaster structures on the façade modules, from smooth to rough, are standard in injection technology for grain sizes from 0.5 to 2.5mm.


Advantages over conventional façades

Individuality – The unique façade technology that gives you free rein in choosing the insulation material and façade surface as well as designing the joint pattern.

Precision – The highest product quality thanks to IT-supported production in ideal climate conditions. The façade modules are produced in a custom-fit and ready-to-use manner.

Operating Efficiency – Significant cost savings thanks to the use of unique planning and manufacturing technologies. Quick installation, regardless of weather conditions, thanks to the innovative mounting system – from minus 30% (back-ventilated façades) to minus 80% (composite heat insulation system façades). Easy to uninstall. Comprehensive façade documentation. Reduction in energy costs.

Documentation – 3D building documentation shows the building’s workmanship to architects and building owners. Our new planning tool generates the individual façade modules from this.

Industry 4.0 – Each façade module contains an RFID chip for touchless identification and localisation. This saves time during production, installation and maintenance, thereby ensuring complete quality management.

Design – Only WINTERFACE offers a truly unique joint design. The dimensions of the individual façade modules vary between the floor height and are up to four metres wide. From a rough plaster structure to smooth façade panels, you have virtually limitless possibilities when it comes to designing the surface.

Safety – The thin, mineral layer prevents fire from spreading among the façade modules.

Sustainability – All modules can be uninstalled, repaired, recycled and clearly sorted.

Heat Insulation – Its achievable U-values of 0.3 W/m²K to 0.15 W/m²K make the module suitable for passive houses. Hemp and wood fibre insulation boards will be available in the future in addition to EPS and mineral wool.



WINTERFACE is functional and high-quality. Each designed façade furthermore conveys emotion and identity. Our façade technology offers you creative façade design with limitless possibilities.


The joint pattern determines a building’s individuality. The size of the façade modules is freely selectable. This allows the architect to implement personal design ideas on any building shape by means of a joint pattern.

Structure and colour

The selection and interplay of structure and colour is nearly limitless. Each façade module is individually produced and can each be designed with a select structure and colour. There are generally no additional costs for combining different modules in a façade. Alternatively, 3 to 5 mm thick, high-quality stone linings can be applied in many different colours.


Illust.: An example of many different design options on a building.

Technical specifications

Fire protection

Our façade is classified according to ÖNORM EN 13501-1 with B – s1, do, and rated as poorly non-flammable/flame-retardant. The existence of verification in accordance with ÖN B 3800-5 allows for applications in buildings up to class 5.


We construct our façade modules standard at a size of up to 3 m in height and up to 4 m in width. You may choose the module thickness between 10 cm and 30 cm, depending on the insulation material used.

Heat insulation U-value [W/m²K] *


* Calculated in accordance with EN 14509 without taking into account thermal losses along the longitudinal joints. The façade solution’s U-values depend on the respective façade shape and may differ from table values. They must be specifically determined for each project
** Other thicknesses are available. Maximum insulation thicknesses depend on the selected insulation material.
*** Around 10% of the hemp’s weight is composed of bicomponent polyester fibre.


We will produce your static and building construction verifications of usability and heat insulation specifically for each project.


Our façade solution is patented in Austria, Europe, Eurasia and China.