Being sustainable means: Every single one of our modules can be uninstalled, repaired, recycled and clearly sorted. Our non-flammable, thin mineral layer around the insulating core ensures your safety, especially for renewable insulation materials. It prevents fire from possibly spreading among the façade modules.

We produce all façade modules without waste. We do not produce any waste during installation at the construction site either. Our patented rail system allows for each façade module to be uninstalled, repaired, recycled and clearly sorted without leaving residue. This also makes uninstallation significantly less strenuous in accordance with the Construction Waste Ordinance (Baurestmassenverordnung).
Thanks to this characteristic, the WINTERFACE façade technology fulfils the basic building requirement of “7th sustainable use of natural resources.” *
We keep sustainability in mind during the entire life cycle of our façade solution, from environmentally-friendly production to component recycling. We would be more than happy to provide you with more in-depth information.
When deciding on façade and insulation materials, we advise you based on European Product Declarations (EPD) and bear in mind the respective ecological footprint of the components.


*” The 7th sustainable use of natural resources” requirement for buildings states: The building must be designed, constructed and demolished in a way that sustainably utilises natural resources and particularly guarantees the following: a) the building, its building materials and parts can be re-used or recycled after demolition; b) the building must be durable; c) environmentally-friendly raw materials and secondary building materials must be used for the building.


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