WINTERFACE | made to fit.

WINTERFACE is the tailor-made façade solution for your building.

It offers the highest quality, precision and short construction times thanks to its individualised, industrial production.

A fully-personalised design with many different insulation materials.

The patented solution, tailor-made for your needs.



1 | Document

We generate 3D models to the nearest millimetre from digital photos.


2 | Model

In the deformation analysis, we evaluate the flatness of the wall surfaces and the discrepancies in the straightness of wall edges and window embrasures.


3 | Production

The system is fed and controlled with CN codes from data processing.


4 | Install

Our patented rail system allows for simple and quick installation and, at the same time, helps prevent hazardous waste during uninstallation.


WINTERFACE Lecture: Alles Fassade!

On this evening and in front of more than 100 interested visitors, three renowned architects gave their accounts on designing façades as a special challenge in building design.

Martin Lesjak, INNOCAD, Graz
Werner Neuwirth, Wien
Armin Pedevilla, PEDEVILLA ARCHITECTS, Bozen

Mit der Auslobung der „Innovation und Design Challenge“ sucht WINTERFACE sowohl nach Ideen für innovative Fassaden-Features als auch nach Designvorschlägen für die Fassadengestaltung der ausgeschriebenen Projekte. Sie können nur ein oder beide Projekte bearbeiten.

Infos und Download der Wettbewerbsunterlagen